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Learn and Apply Frameworks & Practices to manage portfolio in diverse condition with our portfolio management certification program

Portfolio Management Certification

Elevate Portfolio Management Skills & Transition to Your Dream Career

Augment Consultancy is one of the Best portfolio management professional certification training providers for PfMP certification aspirants. We provide rigorous PfMP training and certification support to help participants achieve their goal

Portfolio Management Certification - Online Mentoring Programs

PFMP® Fast-Track Personal Mentoring Program

  • We Provide 1:1 mentoring to busy professionals for flexibility on days/time
  • We tailor this program based on your needs to achieve PFMP in the shortest time
  • Personal coaching and mentoring at every stage

PFMP® Group Mentoring Program


15th – 30th April
(Saturday & Sunday)


08:30 – 11:30 AM ET
14:30 -17:30 PM CET
18:00- 21:00 PM IST


Virtual, Weekend Batch


6th May – 21st May
(Saturday & Sunday)

08:30 – 11:30 AM ET
14:30 -17:30 PM CET
19:00- 22:00 PM IST

Virtual, Weekend Batch

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Virtual Classroom Session

PFMP Application Support

Program Management Professional (PgMP Certificate)®
Program Management Professional (PgMP Certificate)®

Exam Prep Session: (Revision of key concepts/ Q&A Session)

Final Exam Strategies Individual Gap Assessment


1. Handling Portfolio

Anyone who support or manage large scale portfolio spanning functions, Organizations, Clients, and geographic regions

2. Designation

Portfolio Managers, Program Managers, Senior Managers, Functional Managers, PMO Managers

3. Skills/Knowledge Enhancement:

Anyone who wants to learn and apply proven portfolio management frameworks, principle & practices


Educational Background

1. Secondary diploma (High school diploma, associate degree, or
global equivalent.

2. 4 year degree (Bachelor’s degree, global equivalent or higher degree.

Professional Business Experience

1. Minimum 8 years of professional business experience

2. Minimum 8 years of professional business experience

Portfolio Management Experience

1. Minimum 7 years of unique professional portfolio management experience

2. Minimum 4 years of unique non-overlapping professional portfolio management experience

To be eligible for the PfMP certification, you must meet certain educational and professional experience requirements. All portfolio management experience must have been accrued over the last 15 consecutive years.


1. Introduction to PMI standard of Portfolio & Portfolio Management

  • Relationships Among Portfolios, Programs, and Projects
  • Portfolio Management and Organizational Strategy
  • Business Value
  • Role of the Portfolio Manager
  • Role of the PMO in Portfolio Management

2. Portfolio Management Overview and Organization

  • Portfolio Management and Organizational Strategy and Objectives
  • Portfolio Management Process Implementation
  • Portfolio Management Process Cycle
  • Portfolio Management Information System (PMIS)
  • Portfolio Management Governance
  • Portfolio Stakeholders
  • Organizational Influences on Portfolio Management

3. Portfolio Management Process Groups

  • Portfolio Management Process Groups & Knowledge Area Mapping
  • Portfolio Management Process Interactions
  • Key Deliverables Across Portfolio Management Processes

4. Portfolio Strategic Management

  • Develop Portfolio Strategic Plan, Portfolio Charter
  • Define Portfolio Roadmap
  • Manage Strategic Change

5. Portfolio Governance Management

  • Develop Portfolio Management Plan
  • Define Portfolio, Optimize Portfolio, Authorize Portfolio & Provide Portfolio Oversight

6. Portfolio Performance Management

  • Develop Portfolio Performance Management Plan
  • Manage Supply and Demand
  • Manage Portfolio Value

7. Portfolio Communication Management

  • Develop Portfolio Communication Management Plan
  • Manage Portfolio Information

8. Portfolio Risk Management

  • Develop Portfolio Risk Management Plan
  • Manage Portfolio Risks

Our Alumni


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Sanjeev was my PgMP trainer, and I had an insightful learning experience with him. He covers all the SPM concepts in great detail, was potent to clarify all of my questions, and helped me step by step right from submitting my application until I passed the exam. When I finished the first draft of my book, he even helped review the same and shared useful inputs that made the book even better.

Anand Vijaykumar

I took my PgMP prep training with Sanjeev and he was terrific. His delivery of the material was terrific - clear and well thought out. He engaged the trainees in well thought-out discussions. Sanjeev's instruction and support were instrumental in my passing the PgMP exam on the first try!

Linda Rehor

I had the pleasure of attending his online training sessions and taking advantage of his coaching services for the PgMP preparation. I appreciated in him the ability to always combine concepts with practical examples. Each advice is very understandable and useful, and individual attention is always given as required. I would recommend training with Mr Kumar

Augment Consultancy Team
Antonio Olivieri

Sanjeev was my PgMP trainer, and I had an insightful learning experience with him. He covers all the SPM concepts in great detail, was potent to clarify all of my questions, and helped me step by step right from submitting my application until I passed the exam. When I finished the first draft of my book, he even helped review the same and shared useful inputs that made the book even better.

Rick Hasz

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar is a fantastic professional who brings all the skills and expertise required to deliver the PgMP materials. Under Sanjeev guidance, I was able to successfully submit my PgMP application for panel review and passed my PgMP exam. He always finds time for his clients and willing to discuss the various topics anytime. The way he handles aspiring PgMP clients is genuinely remarkable. He has earned all his clients...

Augment Consultancy Team
Errol Douglas

I had the very good fortune to be referred to Sanjeev by Lee Lambert to help me in my pursuit of the PMI PgMP certification. I spent many hours learning the nuances of program management from Sanjeev who was always helpful with full explanations, personal stories to help prepare me for a successful attempt at the test. I could not recommend Sanjeev more highly for PgMP training or any other training for that matter.

Tom lyttleton

Sanjeev is really supportive and dedicated to delivering the right experience and information necessary to achieve the PgMP certificate.

Ibrahim Alkurdi

Sanjeev was the instructor for my PgMP Certification course in January 2020. He conveyed excellent mastery of the training content and its broader context. I also appreciated his many practical tips for both the PgMP application and the exam. Sanjeev went above and beyond the call of duty through offering and providing high quality, individualized feedback on our PgMP applications.

Michael Plastino

The goal to do my PgMP has been on the back burner for some time till I was introduced Sanjeev. I made the decision to go for it and I don't regret it. Sanjeev is a wonderful coach. He is patient and answers all your questions and clears your doubts. He makes the whole process sounds like a walk in the park. He motivates you and stays with you along the process to ensure you get through. I would highly recommend Sanjeev for anyone hoping to do their PgMP, PfMP. He will ensure you get through it with a breeze!

Vasanthi Arumainathan

Everything about the registration to the payment, to the download of files, and starting on time. This whole experience to take PgMP training with Sanjeev Kumar has been nothing but a positive and top-level approach. Quality all the way! The learning materials, the engagement, the breaks -- all showed respect for the student learners, acknowledged their experiences, questions were answered, and students left the 4-hour class wanting more

Elaine Jackson
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