3 Different types of Programs

Different Types of Programs


  • Delivers a Clearly Defined Vision
  • Focus on Innovation or Strategic Opportunity


  • Evolves from Concurrent uncoordinated projects within an org
  • Need to be aligned to a vision and directions


  • Must Do programs due to external events like a legislative change
  • Outcomes are avoidance of negative implications

Do you want to learn more with real program management case studies for each of these types with how they start, their challenges/issues, and how they can be managed well?

We are helping professionals elevate their project, program, and portfolio management skills through our
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PgMP® Certification - Online Mentoring Programs

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  • We Provide 1:1 mentoring to busy professionals for flexibility on days/time
  • We tailor this program based on your needs to achieve PgMP in the shortest time
  • Personal coaching and mentoring at every stage

16th July – 31st July

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Virtual, Weekend Morning Batch


30th July- 14th August
(Saturday & Sunday)


8:30 AM – 11:30 AM ET

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Virtual, Weekend Batch

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Program Management Professional Certification
Program Management Professional Certification
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