Program Management Professional (PgMP) Certification

We have unique 4 step mentoring program to ensure you get PgMP Certification on the first attempt.
Develop a strong leadership approach by managing multiple projects simultaneously in an organized manner with the in-demand program management professional certification.

Learn & Apply Best Practices, Principles and Frameworks to run successful programs in diverse situations with our program management courses

  • We Provide 1:1 mentoring to busy professionals for flexibility on days/time
  • We tailor this program based on your needs to achieve PgMP in the shortest time
  • Personal coaching and mentoring at every stage

15th – 30th April
(Saturday & Sunday)


08:30 – 11:30 AM ET
14:30 -17:30 PM CET
18:00- 21:00 PM IST


Virtual, Weekend Batch


6th May – 21st May
(Saturday & Sunday)


07:30 – 10:30 AM IST
12:00 -15:00 PM AEST
06:00- 09:00 AM UAE


Virtual, Weekend Batch


4 Year Degree (Bachelor’s Degree, Global Equivalent or Higher Degree)

Project Management Experience

Minimum 48 months of unique non-overlapping professional project management experience or PMP®

Program Management Experience

Minimum 48 months of unique non-overlapping professional program management experience 

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1. Introduction to Program Mgmt.

  • Project, Program & Portfolio Focus & Interactions
  • Program, Operation and Organizational Strategy Relationship
  • Types of Programs & High-Level Program Management Activities
  • Vision, Mission & Program Goals & Objectives Case studies Business Value

2. Program Management Domain

  • Program Management Performance Domain Definition& Interaction

3. Program Strategic Alignment

  • Organizational Strategy and Program Alignment
  • Program Business Case, Charter & Roadmap
  • Environmental Assessment (PESTLEED & Other Analysis Techniques)
  • Role of the Program Management Office
  • Sample Questions Discussion

4. Program Benefits Management

  • Introduction to Benefits and Value Type with a case study
  • Benefit & Program Lifecycle alignment 
  • Benefit Register & Benefits Management Plan
  • Mapping Benefits to Program Mgmt. Plan
  • Benefits Transition / Sustainment  activities
  • Sample Questions Discussion

5. Stakeholder Engagement

  • Program Stakeholder Identification Techniques
  • Stakeholder Engagement Planning & Activities
  • Program Stakeholder Engagement & Communications
  • Sample Questions Discussion

6. Program Governance

  • Program Governance framework & Plan
  • Governance Goals. Structure and Composition
  • Governance Board, Program Sponsor/Manager Responsibilities
  • Governance Reviews, Risk & Issue Escalation, Change Management 
  • Sample Questions Discussion

7. Program Lifecycle Management

  • Program Definition phase, sub-phases, and activities
  • Program Delivery Phase, sub-phases, and activities
  • Program Closure Phase, sub-phases, and activities
  • Sample Questions Discussion

8. Program Activities

  • Program Supporting activities mapping with Program Lifecycle Management domain.
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