Get Your PgMP Certification to Fast-Track your Leadership Career

If you want to upgrade your professional knowledge beyond PMP, you may consider Program Management (PgMP) Certification to fast-track your career growth

The structured approach of Program Management is appropriately covered in the Program Management Professional (PgMP Certification) ®, offered by PMI®.

Key Benefits of PgMP Certification?

  • Exclusivity & First Mover Advantage. You will be part of less than 4000 PgMP Credential holders across the globe
  • Organizations are seeking PgMP Certified Program Managers to manage and assume leadership positions for overseeing programs that span geographies and technologies to deliver business value
  • Learn and Apply Best Practices, Principles, and Frameworks to run Successful Programs in Diverse Situations
  • Globally recognized credential & sure, shot way to take a giant leap in one’s career
  • Helps in transition from Tactical to Strategic Thinking
  • Managing multiple projects simultaneously in an organized manner
  • Provides a competitive edge over others who lack PgMP certification and help secure better career opportunities
  • Become an expert in program management practices
  • PgMP Certification gives program managers a competitive edge over other program managers lacking PgMP certification and helps them secure better career opportunities
  • Handle multiple projects simultaneously in an organized manner

Sounds Impressive Enough for Taking up PgMP Certification? Let's Elaborate on the Other Benefits of PgMP Certification.

Performance Level Improvement

Makes your skills credible

You’re immediately accepted as a professional in this field as a PgMP certified holder. During the job search period, this Certification works as certain evidence of your aptitudes and skills as a professional and offers more integrity to your resume.

Best Portfolio Management Certification

Ensures industry recognition

This Certification is unanimously and universally recognized, irrespective of specialization and industry.

Core Values

Adds value to an organization

PgMP-certified professionals add value to an organization by achieving strategic goals and objectives, realizing benefits, incorporating greater self-confidence and determination in teams, and ensuring that teams navigate in the precise direction.

Carrer Skills

Skill improvement

  • To obtain the PgMP certification, candidates require considerable training and ongoing mentoring support from an expert in the field
  • Our training Bootcamp emphasizes Learning the concepts than memorization with a unique approach focused on case studies, tools & templates, and collaborative exercises
  • If you are at an initial stage of your program management career, then program management professional training will compensate for the dearth of experience
Program Management Graph

Contributes to greater income

  • This Certification fetches higher salaries for the program managers. Without exception, the salary of certified program managers is noticeably higher across the industry
  • The added skills and experience earned via this PgMP exam preparation make you a desirable and marketable candidate
Best Portfolio Management Certification

PgMP Certification is for Professionals:

  • Wants to be successful program managers
  • Established in their careers but looking for the next leap
  • Want to gain more knowledge and improve ways of working
  • Working in a role much more extensive than the current designation
  • Wants to Learn and Apply Best Practices and Frameworks to run Successful Programs in Diverse Situations
PgMP Certification is gaining popularity with the increased demand for certified program managers across industries globally. It will open doors of opportunities for you. You will be part of less than 4000 PgMP Credential holders across the globe

We at Augment Consultancy are Helping professionals achieve their PgMP Certification goal in the fastest and easiest way

Augment Consultancy is one of the Best Program Management Training providers for PgMP certification aspirants. We provide rigorous PgMP training and certification support to help participants achieve their goals in the first attempt
From understanding the topics to clearing the certification exam, we offer you a one-stop solution for all your learning needs through the below services
  • Live online Group Mentoring Program
  • Fast–Track Personal Mentoring Program to get you PgMP certified in 90 days
  • Self-paced learning with the added advantage of mentoring support
  • High-quality exam simulator
  • PMI application support for panel review success
Do you want to get PgMP Certified but are stuck in any of these below stages?
  • You want to discuss & explore if PgMP certification is for you or not
  • You are confused in the process of writing your PgMP Application
  • Your application got rejected by the PMI Panel review
  • You are lost in the preparation of your PgMP Certification preparation and need a refresher to motivate yourself to start all over again
  • Do You need a short crash course before your final exam to revise key concepts tested in the exam?

Release all that stops you from getting your PgMP Certification Goal. We are here to help you

Join our program management courses online to Learn and Apply Best Practices, Principles, and Frameworks to run Successful Programs in Diverse Situations

  • Our comprehensive online boot camps are designed keeping in mind the needs of the candidates. Learn and absorb from the expert and save time & effort on your PgMP certification training journey
  • We have helped innumerable professionals to get trained across 50+ countries, acquire certifications, and up-skill their skills. Our trained candidates have a 99% success rate on the first attempt

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Program Management Professional Certification
Program Management Professional Certification
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PgMP® Certification - Online Mentoring Programs

PgMP® Fast-Track Personal Mentoring Program

  • We Provide 1:1 mentoring to busy professionals for flexibility on days/time
  • We tailor this program based on your needs to achieve PgMP in the shortest time
  • Personal coaching and mentoring at every stage

7th Oct- 15th Oct
(Saturday & Sunday)


08:30 – 12:30 PM ET
14:30 -18:30 PM CET
18:00- 22:00 PM IST


Virtual, Weekend Batch


4th Nov- 12th Nov
(Saturday & Sunday)


08:30 – 12:30 PM ET
14:30 -18:30 PM CET
18:00- 22:00 PM IST


Virtual, Weekend Batch

*Book an appointment to discuss your individual learning needs with your Mentor

Please book an appointment to discuss your individual learning needs with our coach

PgMP Certification is made easy with our unique 4-stage mentoring program

Get PgMP Certified in 90 days with our Fast-Track Personal Mentoring Program

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